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Strategic Assessments

Need a jump start but not sure where to begin? Strategic Assessments are an important tool for evaluating where your organization is today, brings a holistic awareness what areas need to be reexamined and defines what goals and metrics can be implemented to get your team to the next step on your digital validation transformation journey.

Quick Checkup Assessment 

Limited 2 Week Engagement

Need a review of your business use case before presenting to your senior leadership?  Or do you need to establish what your baseline testing maturity is right now? Our team will provide peer benchmarking. 

Target Scope Evaluation

Focused 4 Week Engagement

Looking for recommendations on a strategic path forward in a specific area? Or an independent review of tool selection? Our holistic approach to change will provide you with a plan to successful adoption.

Deep Dive Review

In-Depth 6 Week Engagement

In addition to the benchmarking and team interviews, our team will take a closer look at your organizational change management approach and create a custom roadmap for your strategic plan. 

Digital Validation Implementation

Whether you are implementing a new digital validation tool  chain, or reshaping your existing tool chain you already have in place, rethinking implementation to roll out a minimum viable tool chain as quickly as possible will serve your organization today.  ProcellaRX maximizes best practices and standard COTS features of digital validation SaaS tools so organizations reduce configuration management and get your teams to adopt tool chains as quick as possible. 

Agile Risk-Based SDLC Adoption

Working smarter and more efficiently produces better overall outcomes.  Agile principles applied to Regulated software/system development lifecycle (SDLC)  with a Risk-based approach provides both technical and quality teams to have more insight and input throughout the process.  ProcellaRX trains team to understand the agile methodology and coaches  organizations to expedite deployments within a risk framework that everyone understands. 

CSV to CSA Process Transformation

Shifting to Computer Software Assurance (CSA) does not have to be a major undertaking, organizations can optimize their existing Computerized System Validation (CSV) models to meet organizations use cases.  Not all parts of a company needs the same level of verification and validation. Not all computerized systems are the same. ProcellaRX assists organizations to rethink their current practices and reshape them to educate and maximize team efficiencies.

Shift Left with Test Automation

Best software quality testing practices for decades have shown that shifting left in the development cycle have better software quality outcomes. Failing fast and failing often provides feedback loops early when the cost of change is at a minimum. Waterfall testing methodology is extremely costly and often do not add enough value to make the testing effort worth it.  ProcellaRX shifts the testing focus on value add testing cycles, maximizes test automation where it counts. 

​​​Digital Validation

Application Managed Services

ProcellaRX team assists with digital validation application managed services to provide L1/L2/L3 support SaaS tool chains. Let us manage your configurations so your teams can get to the day to day work.